In August 2008, Elevator received a request for a new set of photographs from its client, Pivac, the leading national brand of delicatessen such as prosciutto, coppa and pancetta. Since Pivac's last campaign in 2003, consumers have become more adventurous and discriminate in their tastes and habits, so Elevator and Pivac decided it was time for a fresh approach. To assist, Elevator approached another of its clients, Le Meridien Lav hotel, which is known internationally for its intriguing cooking style. For Le Meridien, a global hotel group with more than 120 luxury and upscale hotels but relatively new on the North Adriatic coast, this project provided a new opportunity to establish itself stronger in the local community.  Le Meridien's star Executive Chef Tomislav Niksic took on the demanding task of creating twenty five delicious recipes blending Le Meridien's international style with Pivac's local ingredients into new, stimulating combinations. Acclaimed food photographer Ljudevit Blagec captured the outcome.  On this web site we bring you all the goodness these two brands created together with Elevator. We just wish we could bring you the tempting smell of the freshly prepared food .